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About Me

Combining practical psychology, neuroscience and spirituality, I will help you co-create what you envision that are in alignment with your conscious and authentic self. With extensive international experiences in mindset transfomration for over a decade, I am dedicated to guide you to your full potential in a life of wholeness, inner peace and deeply connected relationships.

Adventure through Neuroscience and Life Coaching - transform into inner freedom, purpose and fulfillment

I am a neuroscientist and an award-winning international life coach, who is fascinated with human behaviors and the mechanisms underlying our mental and emotional states. With a deep appreciation for the integrative approach of modern psychology, neuroscience and spirituality, I am considered one of the top life coaches in Australia and Hong Kong, and have co-created with people from more than 30 countries to radically transform into more self-awareness, sense of purpose and inner freedom.

I am trained as a strategic interventionist and breakthrough specialist with Robbins-Madanes Training directed by Tony Robbins, which combines effective techniques evolved from neurolinguistic, psychological, and therapeutic inter-disciplines. As a curious researcher, I completed my Ph.D. in neuroscience studying the neural circuits governing motivation and reward. I am currently researching on neurodegenerative diseases, investigating the molecular basis relating neuroplasticity to cognition.

Leveraging my diverse cultural background, I am profoundly devoted to studying Eastern and Western philosophy and literatures, learning transformative wisdom from influential life strategists and spiritual teachers. For over a decade, I earnestly empower people from all walks of life to live our authentic virtuous Self and commit to becoming love. Through ingenious modalities including mindset transformation and meditation, I am inspired to cultivate our connection to a deeper world, one that nourishes our spiritual heart rather than feeds our time-bound predicament of patterns, one that channels our fear of pain into lasting pull to joy, appreciation, and peaceful presence.

I love the art of music and dance. I am trained as a classical violinist from a young age, later on discovered my passion in classical guitar, and have also been a dedicated hip-hop dancer and instructor since my college years. My passion in music and dancing has never ceased to remind me to discover the extraordinary in the ordinariness of life.

My vision is to co-create with the human family, as part of nature, to tune in consciously and align with our thoughts, emotions, actions, to live passionately and playfully with full presence.

“Hall of Fame 2022" Passion Vista

Special Collectors' Edition - Jul 11 2022

I am very grateful to be awarded the global “Hall of Fame 2022 – Passion Vista” and featured in their Special Collectors' Edition, representing Australia, for my dedication in co-creating and healing with others all over the world.

I'm dedicated to crafting an ingenious integrated intervention approach of modern psychology, neuroscience, eastern philosophy, and spirituality, to create radical transformation into more self-awareness, sense of purpose and inner freedom. 

This award is a special internationally renowned recognition of a few outstanding and remarkably passionate global leaders with high repute, including entrepreneurs and professionals, passionate social activists and other achievers worldwide, for their unique contributions not just in their own countries but all across the globe, in breaking stereotypes in the society and inspiring others with courageous and impactful stories.