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Take a look at what my clients,"co-creators" as I like to call them, speak about their experience.

Avanti Singh

Psychologist, Ayurveda teacher,
Meditation instructor

Sydney, Australia

"Meeting Jackie and having sessions with her has been one of the most inspirational and supportive thing I have done in my life,I consider her a gift from the universe to me, she is an incredible soul!!"

Anita Kerper

Flight Attendant

Bergamo, Italy

"Started to work with Jackie almost a year ago. Before starting I had some concerns about the online coaching, but after our first session I was completely convinced that it's going to work. I have found her very sympathetic from the first moment I could open myself completely to her, and instantly after the first session I felt so much better. Talking with her is always very inspiring and puts me in the right mood. However it's not only that, sometimes we go deep into my feelings, and I feel sad and I face my fears, if is that what I need. But it's really deliberating and I always feel amazing after every session! Slowly I am making long lasting positive changes in my life.Learned a lot from her, and I have to say that starting coaching with her was the best investment into myself!"

Andrew Copeland

Life and Business Coach 

Salon Owners Lifeline

sydney, australia

"I feel incredibly lucky that I have connected with Dr Jackie. I don't think I've ever met anyone as smart and knowledgable as her. I find it hard to put into words how incredible I feel being coached by Jackie. She has a very warm personality and this makes the coaching enjoyable and constructive. Thank you!!"

Anupriya Kukreja

Psychology Student, Musician

New Dehli, India

"Jackie has been an immense source of strength to me during extremely low times, when I was questioning my identity, choices & spiritual presence. With her support and strategies, I could pick myself up, and see miracles manifest in my life within a few months of coaching. Her spiritual wisdom, interdisciplinary understanding of concepts and practicality can help anyone feel grounded, yet inspired. I am grateful to her for always being there for me, and convincing me that I'm much better and greatest that I think I am at the moment. She was also very understanding and empathetic towards and mindful of cultural differences, as I live in India, and also flexible with her timings. I'd recommend her to anyone who wants to think and live big, be fully present or have intelligent discussions about spirituality."

Jutta Wright

Natural Nutrition Coach

Sydney, australia

"Jackie is a truly unique practitioner that really allows you to achieve real sustainable and transformative change. Her knowledge and approach in neuroscience, psychology and spirituality makes her truly unique. Combined with her compassionate, supportive coaching style she really is someone who helps you find happiness is within yourself and helps you unleash the power you have within to live your life to your full potential."

Oliver Mia

IT team leader

taguig, Philippines

"It is not my first time to be coached but it did not prevent me to be surprised as to the experience that I got. It does not feel like I am receiving a service nor talking to a coach but rather it feels like I am talking to someone I am really comfortable with who knows a lot about psychology, neurology, and spirituality. Maybe it is because Jackie knows how to empathize. Her way of making me feel that she can relate to my experiences and challenges is actually my highlight during our orientation session. It was a big factor in deciding to get her as a coach. She is not the most affordable among the coaches I am interested in but after choosing her and spending almost two months of coaching with her I can say that I got good value for my time and money. It was indeed such a good investment."

Patrick Hingst

Multiprenuer, Restaurant Owner

Business Consultant, Philanthropist

Michigan, USA

"I have worked with a couple different coaches in the past. Dr. Jackie is by far the best. She is not just putting your through some "program" but customizing the experience based on your needs and where you are at in your life journey. She has the ability to help those just starting out (not even understanding awareness) to those of us more advanced looking for the next steps to continue growth and healing. Her knowledge is deep and poignant, able to reference and quote many other great minds. You can feel She truly cares and does a great job keeping her ego out of it. She is there for you... even if its literally on the other side of the world! Great value. Great experience. If you want to level up, spend some time with Dr. Jackie."

Amarjeet Kaur

IT Analyst

Melbourne, Australia

"I have been taking coaching from Jackie from last 2 months. She is so dedicated and clear about her goals as a coach. She has been putting extra efforts while coaching me without giving much attention to time limits. She keeps on checking my progress during the week and helps me to analyse situations in a different way. She always notices the changes and also provides feedback in an unbiased way, which has definitely helped me to uncover my unknowns. Now I have started questioning myself about my old age beliefs which I made as part of my personality. I am really thankful to Jackie for being my coach in this life journey and helping me to become a better version of myself."

Patricia Villa

project manager

bogota, colombia

"Jackie is the definition of a breakthrough maker. If you’re looking for a lil boost of inspiration or improve any aspect of your life, you’re just blessed and it is a beautiful coincidence that somehow you’re now connected with her, I truly would say don’t let this opportunity go and take the risk. She connected the dots to combine her passions and talents to serve. Jackie received a holistic understanding of how to facilitate your journey. A good balance of preparation and conviction, tons of bravery and patience to bring hope. There is also a whole heap of intuition, faith, and love that are crucial elements to every coaching session. I never felt judged or criticised. She’s a great listener, staying always fully present in all our sessions, bringing light, laughs and presence to make this transformation enjoyable and safe."

Samuel Larsen

entrepreneur in science and technology

tampere, finland

"Jackie helped me reframe some of my thinking patterns to be more positive on autopilot; we also worked together to gain perspective behind my blocks regarding success & achievement. We only had a few sessions, but she was able to help me in my journey of overcoming a difficult phase in my life. The key things there were gaining a better understanding of myself & my goals and then working on giving up resistance to the process. Learning to treat life as an adventure and smiling along the way :)"

Nikhil Dhingra

IT sales Manager

sydney, australia

"Dr. Jackie is an absolutely wonderful coach, she has great experience coaching and she always seems to have the right thing to say. She has been successfully navigating me through my thinking by asking the right questions and has enabled me to unlock many insights about myself. She is very relatable and "gets it", which has probably been one of the biggest reason I choose her as a coach. She goes above and beyond as a coach and is always available to bounce ideas with. I would highly recommend Dr Jackie to anyone who is considering a coach focusing on all areas of life (life, relationship, career, high performance, spirtuality) as we seem to cover alot of areas in our coaching sessions."

Dean Djuric

Pharmaceutical Salesperson

Sydney, Australia

"Dr Jackie is an amazing coach. Each session I had was life changing!!! Insight and clarity I wouldnt find anywhere else to all situations I needed help with. I find it difficult to describe in words the unbelievable value and breakthroughs that I have experienced thanks to Jackie."

Bobo Thai

Community Support Worker

Sydney, Australia

"I'd like to share my experiences coaching with Dr Jackie Lau how phenomenal! She understands the big picture! We can always count on her. She goes the extra mile to help her clients. Rather than giving you a fish, she teaches you how to fish. I was irritated and upset when I asked her for help in letting go of a broken relationship. I was surprised at how quickly I had found peace and happiness without losing a friend in the process. A new project with Jackie is on my list for the near future. It was a pleasure and an honour to know that she was always there for me. She responds swiftly to messages. In the event that Noomii allows for more stars, she would earn a rating of 7 stars! I cannot thank Jackie enough for her kindness and wisdom. Jackie is the right and perfect coach for anybody who needs help with all aspects of life."

Georgia Vek

HR Manager

Sydney, Australia

"An amazing person and coach! The second I saw Dr Jackie's post I knew she would be the one to assist me. My friends and family have noticed the positive change in my thought process and behaviors due to her techniques and methods. I am so blessed to have Dr Jackie be with me on my journey. I have recommended Dr Jackie to a few of my friends and family members."

Lynn Taylor

Health fanatic, stay-at-home mom

Whangeri, New Zealand

"I really enjoy all my sessions with Jackie, I feel seen and heard and I come away being more conscious of myself. I feel she is very intuitive and is great at guiding the conversations that we have. I highly recommend working with her."

Sharon Graham

Graphic Designer

Sydney, Australia

"Jackie is an amazing, versatile coach. From grief to relationships, meditation, health, you name it Jackie can help you figure it out. Jackie guides and enables you to use your own intuition to navigate different issues, she provides information and asks all the right questions until suddenly as if by some magic you're in a different, much better place than where you were. So grateful to have had the opportunity to be coached by the amazing Jackie Lau."